Catholic Men for Life

Catholic Men for Life

Our Plan


Our intention is to grow to a citywide, archdiocese-wide, statewide, and hopefully nationwide movement. Our initial action is a day of prayer on March 23, 2013. The intent is to awaken the hearts of men in this community, and to show Christ, through his Holy Mother Mary, that we are available, listening, and ready to serve in His plan to end abortion in America.

On March 23rd we will gather on the side- walk outside the abortion mill at 4001 Lake Otis Parkway to continuously pray the rosary every hour the facility is open (7:30 am to 6:30 pm). Men who are not accustomed to the rosary, please come and be a presence with us.

We intend to have 100 men present to pray during every hour during the clinic’s business hours. This number may seem high, but if just half of the men in the Anchorage parishes were to offer just one hour, we would easily surpass this number. The thought that this is unachievable is shameful.

Please sign up for at least one hour (two would be better) of your time on Saturday March 23rd. We need you to make this initial project a success so we have a firm footing for the future of this organization. It is a small sacrifice for a great cause.

The atrocities of abortion will not stop until the hearts of the people are open to Christ’s message of life. This doesn’t mean “some other guy”, it means YOU.


We have been permitted to park behind the RSD Medical Building (4050 Lake Otis) and behind The Medical Plaza Building (4100 Lake Otis). Do not park in front of these buildings or in neighboring parking lots. We will be praying on the sidewalk corner of Lake Otis & 40th Ave in front of Planned Parenthood. A map of parking is available on our website.